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* All workshops count towards your continual professional development (CPD), all courses held in Coventry unless otherwise stated.


* Please click on the title (if underlined) for details and booking, if you are using an Apple product please email info@wsoh.co.uk for a booking invoice -




"Advanced BLAST Practitioner®" 2-day workshop, Saturday & Sunday 23rd & 24th March 2019



"Mindfulness, Meditation & Self Hypnosis" 1-day Workshop, Saturday 30th March 2019



"BLAST Technique® Practitioner, EMDR, PTSD and Trauma" 2-day workshop, Saturday & Sunday 6th & 7th April 2019



"Certificate in NLP Submodalities" 1-day Workshop, Saturday 13th April 2019



"Coventry Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Conference" - Saturday 1st June 2019 (5 international speakers covering a range of topics from pain management, treating PTSD, weight loss, law of attraction to phobia cures - email info@wsoh.co.uk to register your interest)



"Manifest Your Magical Future" Retreat 6-days in France, Monday 17th - Saturday 22nd June 2019



"Transational Hypnosis" Diploma (Rapid Inductions, Magic, Mentalism, Cold & Palm Reading), 2-day workshop, Saturday & Sunday 6th & 7th July 2019



"Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma, 2-day workshop, Saturday & Sunday 14th & 15th September 2019



"Body Language - The Art of Unconscious Communication" Diploma, 2-day workshop, dates to be confirmed (Please email info@wsoh.co.uk if you are interested in this event)



NB1: We require at least 14 days notice of cancellation prior to your course commencing, no refunds will be given after this time (unless we have cancelled the event and then you will receive 100% refund).


NB2: Please do not book hotels or travel until you have received the confirmation email for the event (normally sent 10-12 days prior).


*NB3: Students who wish to repeat any course (as a refresher or because information is updated with the exception of residential courses) can do so for a 50% discount, please email us if interested.


NB4: If you are interested hosting Nick to run any of our courses (see below) in the UK or overseas, please email us at info@wsoh.co.uk: "BLAST Technique® Practitioner, EMDR, PTSD & Trauma" Diploma (2-day), "Body Language" Diploma (2-day), "Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma (2-day), "Transactional Hypnosis" Diploma (2-day), Certificate in "Hypnotherapy Regression" (1-day), Certificate in "Life Coaching" (1-day), Certificate in "NLP Submodalities"(1-day) and "Mindfulness, Meditation & Self-Hypnosis" (1-day).